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Videotraining program The Laws of Destiny or The Art of Living. Gadetsky Oleg. English version

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We will send to you a link for downloading the videotraining program via email after payment.

The training program may turn over everything you knew about the abilities of psychological practices. This program is a unique synthesis of modern methods of achieving personal success used by the leading stars of modern Psychology and deepest knowledge of the laws of human fate drawn from the ancient Sanskrit treatises.

With this program you will learn to

  •  Form your own desired reality.
  •  Come over the hard and troublesome situations in your life.
  •  Establish successful relationships.
  •  Attract prosperity into your life.
  •  Unfold your intuition.
  •  Explore the mysteries of male and female psychology.
  •  Understand your predestination.
  •  Learn the science of life of integrity and harmony.

Can't believe you can have it all in one program? Now you have a chance to make it true for yourself!

Clearness and simplicity of statement of the information, efficiency and practicality of techniques, inimatable charms and supreme professional skills of the Facilitator make more than 14 hours of unique psychological work recorded!

This video presents the most complete version of the Program, consisting of 9 training sessions. Convenient menu, additional commentaries of the facilitator, multimedia, graphics and special music effects will truly make you one of the actual participants of the sessions and train with maximum effectiveness.

8 video files.
Duration 14 hours 10 min.

In order to buy the training program please write us to: info@psiholog3000.com or write us to mobile number +79276242081 via WhatsApp. We accept PayPal.

Thank you for this wonderful training program! Thats really very valueable for me as I found answers on so much my internal questions. Thank godness for I met Oleg Gadetsky and his books and videos. Special thanks to stuff. I downloaded all files in 10 minutes after I transferred paypal payment. Good service really!
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